4 Common Problems Of Panel Lights

May 18, 2020

LED panel lights, also known as LED panel lights, have the advantages of beautiful appearance, environmental protection and energy saving. Let's analyze the four common problems of LED panel lights together.

1. Package failure

Refers to the quality loss of components caused by incorrect packaging design or production process. The epoxy resin material used for encapsulation will cause deterioration during the use of LED panel lights, resulting in a reduction in the service life of LED panel lights. It will also cause problems such as refractive index, light transmittance, hardness, expansion coefficient, air permeability, water permeability, filler function and so on.

2. Chip failure

Refers to the failure of the chip itself or other causes of chip failure. This is how LED panel light manufacturers control the low price of LED panel lights by purchasing very poor quality chips.

3. Electrical overstress failure

That is, if the LED light source is used in overcurrent (EOS) or electrostatic impact damage (ESD), the chip is formed, which constitutes an open circuit of the chip, resulting in electrical overstress failure.

4. Thermal overstress failure

The important factor that affects the optical properties of LEDs has always been temperature. This is because the temperature of the solder joints of the package increases when the thermal resistance of the LED system remains unchanged, and the junction temperature will also increase, and then cause the LED to fail prematurely.

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