Ceiling Lamp Is A Kind Of LED As Light Source

May 26, 2020

The development of the ceiling lamp market is divided into three stages: one is "the market sales are large, the production can't keep up"; the second is "there are many brands, each has its own share"; the third is "the competition is more intense, everyone grabs the cake".

Although the ceiling lamp market seems to be booming, the market capacity has not diminished, but the ceiling lamp market has some "bubble colors". Many small and medium-sized enterprises have no development and marketing, but continue to disrupt the normal economic order; there are still some Medium-sized companies set aside product elements and specialize in marketing, so it is easy to break into a misunderstanding-because products are the basis of marketing. It can also be seen from the results of the random inspection of the quality of ceiling lamps in the past two years by the National Quality Inspection Department that ceiling lamp companies pay too much attention to price and ignore the products themselves. The quality of ceiling lamps is worrying, bringing safety and personal safety to consumers Huge hidden danger.

Most ceiling lamp companies lack two main elements: technical personnel and product production equipment. Enterprises should re-examine their own advantages and disadvantages. Only by solidifying the foundation of the enterprise and striving steadily will it not be eliminated by the fierce market competition.

LED ceiling light is a kind of LED. It is installed in the room. The appearance of the lamp is designed to be flat on the upper part, and it is installed close to the roof.

There are two kinds of LED ceiling lights with remote control and without remote control. The ceiling light with remote control is convenient to switch and is suitable for use in the bedroom. The material of the lampshade of the ceiling lamp is generally plastic or plexiglass, and the glass lampshade is rarely used.


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