How To Buy Track Light Clothing Store

May 20, 2020

How to buy LED track lights in a clothing store

The LED track lights used in clothing stores with different themes are different, and the track spot lights used in different colors of clothing are also different.Most store merchants choose a warm color theme, and naturally the track spot lights selected are mostly 3000K color temperature. In addition, track spotlights are divided into two types: LED and COB.COB track spotlights are more expensive, but the light efficiency is better.Therefore, COB tracklights are better for clothing store track lights.

The basic lighting of store lighting is still LED downlights, which are installed in small watts, which means that a large number of small wattage downlights are used for basic lighting to avoid shadows.

LED track lights are mainly used for commercial purposes, and can be used in clothing stores, jewelry stores, galleries, art galleries and some commercial places, used to illuminate clothes, jewelry, paintings, artworks, etc.,

First, be sure to cut off the power first, and avoid using your hands to touch the surface of the lamp during the installation process.

Second, avoid installing it at a heat source or a place with corrosive gas.If it is installed on it, it will affect the life of the LED track light.

3.Install in a place where there is no vibration and no swing, and of course there is a hidden danger of fire in this place.

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