Linear Chandelier Has A Method

May 28, 2020

Linear chandelier For some families, the dining table may be very long because of the reason for purchase, so you can consider decorating with a few small linear chandelier. Every linear chandelier should have a switch so that you can open up smaller or larger light spaces as needed. You can buy five or seven light bulbs for the space or a linear chandelier with a slender appearance, which has a transparent glass texture, and the combination of ceramic and glass, such as a lily-shaped linear chandelier.

There are ways to choose a linear chandelier: the hanging height, the lampshade, and the material and form of the lamp ball need to be carefully selected so as not to cause uncomfortable glare. The height of the linear chandelier should be appropriate, generally about 55-60 cm from the table top, and the lamps that can be randomly raised and lowered should be selected to facilitate the adjustment and selection of height. Like the off-white linear chandelier made of plastic material, the shape is natural without carving, and the spiral shape of the lampshade can be adjusted at will.

Maintenance and cleaning of linear pendant lamps: Generally, the more beautiful linear pendant lamps usually have more complicated shapes and lampshades. If they are wet and dusty, the lamps are often prone to rust and paint fall. The average annual decrease is about 30%. Within a few years, the linear chandelier will be dim and dull.

It is best not to clean the lamp with water, as long as it is wiped with a dry rag dipped in water. If you accidentally touch the water, you should wipe it as much as possible. Never wipe it with a wet rag immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb will burst when exposed to water at high temperature.

In addition, the linear chandelier must not be placed in a house that is susceptible to moisture, which will easily cause the linear chandelier to fall off. And often check from time to time.


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