SMD Downlight Distinguishes From Several Aspects

May 11, 2020

We distinguish patch downlights and spotlights from these aspects.

1. From the light source, the SMD downlight can be installed with incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps. Yellow light when installed with incandescent lamp. When installing energy-saving lamps, depending on the type of bulb can be white or yellow. The light source direction of the ceiling patch downlight cannot be adjusted. The general household spotlights use quartz bulbs, or lamp beads. Of course, large spotlights do not necessarily use quartz bulbs. The quartz bulb only has yellow light. Moreover, the light source direction of general spotlights can be adjusted freely.

2. From the application position, SMD downlights are generally installed in the ceiling. Generally, the ceiling needs to be more than 150mm to install. Of course, SMD downlights are also external. It is a good choice to install SMD downlights in areas without ceiling lights or chandeliers. The light should be softer than spot lights. Spotlights can be generally divided into track type, point hanging type and in-line type. Spotlights generally have transformers, but there are also ones without transformers. Built-in spotlights can be installed in the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used in places that need to be emphasized or expressed, such as TV walls, hanging pictures, ornaments, etc., can play a rhyme to enhance the effect.

3. From the price point of view, the same grade, spotlights are more expensive.

It should be noted that spotlights cannot generally be used to illuminate woolen fabrics at close range, nor can there be flammable obstacles at close range, otherwise it may cause fire. Although the spotlight consumes a lot of power, its embellishment effect is quite different at the appropriate position. Spotlights and multicolored lamp cups are distinctive in decoration.

4. From the installation position

SMD downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling under the light. Its biggest feature is that it can maintain the overall unity of architectural decoration, and will not destroy the unity of ceiling art because of the setting of lamps. SMD downlights do not occupy space, can increase the soft atmosphere of the space, if you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple SMD downlights.

The spotlight is mainly installed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture, or placed in the wall, in the wall skirt or skirting. It is used to highlight the aesthetic effect, highlight the sense of layering, and create an atmosphere, which can play a leading role in the overall lighting and can also be used for local lighting.

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