There Are Two Types Of Panel Lights: Direct Type And Side Light

May 19, 2020

There are two types of LED panel lights, direct type and side light.

The side-emitting panel light has the advantages of light weight and thin body, easy installation and transportation, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to emit light unevenly; the advantage of the direct-lit panel light is sufficient brightness and cost control, the disadvantage is that glare is inevitable, there are dark areas, the lamp Thick and heavy, relatively inconvenient for transportation and installation.

The price of side-emitting LED panel lights is more expensive than that of direct-lit type, because the technology of side-emitting LED panel lights is relatively complicated, which is determined by the structure of side-emitting products. It must be complicated, which leads to difficult product yield and product uniformity.

LED panel lamps have a very soft lighting method. At present, the commonly used side lighting method, the light emitted from the surface of the lamp body is very uniform, so that the light emitted is not dazzling at all. Used in various fields, it can effectively eliminate glare.

The LED panel light is gradually becoming the best product to replace the traditional grille lamp panel in the LED era because of its good uniformity of illumination, higher display index, uniform and soft light, and comfort. It will develop in schools and other indoor lighting fields Will get bigger and bigger.

First, its globally unique patented technology subverts the concepts of traditional general lighting and emergency (safety) lighting, and perfectly combines the two, so that each lamp can be turned into an emergency lamp, giving consumers more safety Care of

Second, replace traditional lamps and save more than 85% of electricity;

Third, sudden disasters, power supply interruption, lamps will automatically light up to consumers to warn;

Fourth, emergency lighting, automatic identification switch or power outage, and automatic lighting after power failure;

Fifth, any remote control, when power is off, you can use any home (infrared) remote control to turn on, off, and dimming.

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